The Clay Stone is efficient, for which reasons ?

White Clay Stone

The natural clay stone is efficient, it’s possesses numerous qualities especially for housekeeping . It is a high-adherence cleaner. This is what makes it so efficient in fighting cooking and non cooking grease, limescale  etc….

It is used in the kitchen and bathroom, and because it is a multi surface product, it is ideal for everything : homes, camping-cars, caravans, boats, garden furniture …

The ideal multi surface product

It has a great number of uses since it is for multiple surfaces. It is suitable for glass surfaces, tiles, aluminum, oven top burners, vitroceramic and induction surfaces …

The clay stone is a very efficient and long-lasting product  since you use very small amounts of the product each time.

You wet the sponge contained in the pot, you wring it out and you wipe it on the clay stone and then on the surface you wish to clean and then rinse.

A product made from 100% natural ingredients

It is also a natural product. Made with 100% natural ingredients , the clay stone presents no danger whatsoever to the environment and has not been tested on animals.

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Clay stone : how to maintain it ? 

We advise you to leave your box of clay stone always open by the sink or in a readily available place.

This will allow it to dry and will prevent the stone from softening so that it keeps all its cleaning properties.

If you discover mould on the surface after having closed it when humid it is neither anything serious  nor dangerous.

You need only to wipe it with a damp sponge in order to take off the traces. Your clay stone will not be altered by this mould.

Why does this mould appear? It’s made with 100 % natural ingredients with no preservatives.

It maintains itself without the slightest problem when dry. That is why we had recommended that it be left open after being used .

Do you use it for a particular cleaning ?

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